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Staff Education

Staff Education

Optimizing Skincare in Partnered Facilities

Our staff education opportunities offer tailored in-services conducted by our clinicians directly in partnered facilities. These concise one-hour sessions focus on addressing various skincare-related concerns comprehensively. Topics covered include dressing choices, emphasizing optimal selections for different wound types and patient needs. We delve into pressure injury prevention strategies, aligning protocols with individual Braden scale scores to mitigate risks effectively. Additionally, our sessions delve into incontinence care, highlighting treatments for moisture-associated skin damage and promoting proactive measures to maintain skin integrity.

Furthermore, our educational sessions provide valuable insights into skin cancer and rash detection, empowering staff to recognize early signs for timely intervention. We also prioritize education on skin tear treatment and prevention techniques, equipping caregivers with skills to minimize the occurrence and severity of these injuries. Moreover, our curriculum emphasizes wound infection prevention strategies, ensuring staff are adept at implementing measures to reduce the risk of complications. Lastly, we cover the application of specialized wound care treatments such as Unna Boots and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT), enhancing staff proficiency in administering advanced interventions for optimal patient outcomes.

Tampa Medical Facility Staff Education

Staff Education Opportunities

Our clinicians provide concierge one-hour in-services in our partnered facilities to optimize resolution for skincare-related issues.

  • Dressing choices
  • Pressure injury prevention protocols based on the Braden scale score
  • Incontinence care and treatment of moisture-associated skin damage
  • Skin cancers and rash detections
  • Skin tear treatment and prevention
  • Preventing wound infections
  • Application of Unna Boots
  • Application of NPWT


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