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PI: Prevention and Intervention

Wound Care and Dermatological Services

Our Mission:

PI Wound Care and Dermatological Services’ Mission is to provide comprehensive medical care with professional integrity. We collaborate with our partner facilities in providing both superior patient outcomes and the prevention of skin-related injuries through the utilization of a multidisciplinary approach. For us, prevention and intervention of wounds go hand-in-hand.

Why Facilities Choose Us:

We own our wounds! All our staff is wound care certified. Your staff can contact us on nights, weekends, and holidays. When there is a new admission of a patient with wounds, we want to be called to place orders. We want to be called when there is a negative change in the wounds. When there is a need to change the order so that the facility is in compliance, we want to be called. Our providers’ bonuses are contingent on desired patient outcomes, not on the number of visits (or wounds) you have within your facility.

Our specialized care is an incremental benefit for your facility to offer at no additional expense to you. We accelerate healing by our tenacious execution of our best-practices of prevention oversight coupled with proactive intervention to constantly assess the injury or wound to allow protocol adjustment without delay. We combine standard medical care with advanced comprehensive wound care with informatics at your facility to complement your regular care program.

Our approach initiates timely proper or corrective actions for top-notch quality care that will reduce the risk of complication and minimize liability due to injury or wound care mediocrity. Our focus is to do it right the first time and ensure all procedural tasks are performed to our high standards and at the precise time with the constant assessment to invoke actions to improve recovery faster.

We make it easy for our facility at no cost to deliver more quality medical value to increase patient satisfaction and promote better healing. Also, we perform our billing and are endorsed by various health insurance companies, including Medicare.

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Faster Healing

The skin is the largest organ of the body and is composed of 12 different layers. Each layer warrants investigating its relevance in the wound injury or delay in healing. This is crucial knowledge in meeting our goals of the 10% reduction each week.

Simple Measures

such as the use of lanolin or dimethicone can help prevent skin tears. Using silicone bordered products on fragile skin can also aid in preventing additional injuries. Providing a daily moisturizer with sunscreen can provide additional protection to reduce the likelihood of cancers of vulnerable tissue.

Staff Education Opportunities

Our clinicians provide one-hour in-services focused on optimizing resolution for skincare-related issues.

    1. Dressing choices
    2. Pressure injury prevention protocols based on the Braden scale score
    3. Incontinence care and treatment of moisture associated skin damage
    4. Skin cancers and rash detections
    5. Skin tear treatment and prevention

Managed Care, Documentation & Reporting

At no expense to your facility, we provide clients with photographic measuring software. The software has a two-fold purpose. It enables nursing staff to take photos of the wounds on admission or when there is a change in the condition in real-time, and they are uploaded to your personalized portal.

Secondly, our clients can construct a slideshow demonstrating wound improvement as a marketing tool. Our wound management software, Swift Medical, empowers our clinicians to provide quality wound care by clinical decision support, automated wound measurement, electronic documentation, data gathering, and reporting.

Our document tracks the wound healing process, alerts clinicians to problems, and provides best-practices decision-support recommendations. It also allows the creation of reports to support system achievements.

We are not the Typical Wound Care Services

Our Approach Ensures Desired Outcomes

PI: Wound Care and Dermatological Services’ clinicians receive quarterly assessments of each facility’s customer services performance and healing rates. We review at quarterly roundtable meetings with our staff to share information and improve our clinical approach.


PI clinicians work along side the facility staff to contribute and assist with the prevention and treatment of:

  • Pressure Ulcers
  • Venous Stasis Ulcers
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Arterial Ulcers
  • Surgical Wounds
  • Wound Vacs
  • Skin Tears
  • Burns
  • Non-surgical Skin Cancers

Coordination of Care

  • Cancerous Lesions
  • Atypical Lesions
  • MASD
  • Rashes of Multiple Etiologies

Onsite Procedures in Accordance with Facility Policies:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Biopsies
  • Sharp Debridement
  • Wood Lamp Diagnosis
  • Skin Scrapings

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Sites of Potential Pressure Injuries

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